Falco Native Ip Controller, Controller for Door (PoE)


ip controller

FALCO PoE Door Access Controller
offers an easy, fast, cost effective solution for your access control system without the need to install power points and electrical cabling.  It only applies to door control – and is not compatible with alarm modules, turnstile and elevators

Intelli Green

Falco PoE Door Controller featuring Green Power PoE Technology which consumes less power with just only using a single Cat 5e/6 cable without the need to have a main supply at each door.

Intelli Power

Falco PoE Door Controller is powerful enough to support up to 2doors with 4x EM locks & 4x proximity readers with ethernet communication cum power supply thru a single CAT 5e/6 cable.

Intelli Tech

Falco PoE Door Controller r firmware updates can be done easily anywhere as long as there is an internet connectio

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