BenQ RP8601K Corporate Interactive Flat Panel | RP8601K

BenQ RP8601K Interactive Flat Panel

BenQ RP6501K Interactive Flat PanelBenQ RP8601K Interactive Flat Panel dirancang untuk membangun ruang meeting dan ruang pembelajaran yang lebih interkaitf dan kolaboratif, BenQ Interactive Flat Panel sangat sempurna untuk meningkatkan partisipasi rapat dan mendorong kolaborasi peserta. Dengan menggunakan BenQ RP8601K IFP, kegiatan meeting dan pembelajaran Anda akan lebih efektif dan efisien daripada sebelumnya.

Fitur Unggulan :
  • Air-Quality Sensor
  • Anti-Glare
  • Flicker-Free
  • Germ-Resistant Screen
  • 20-Point Multi-Touch Interactivity
  • Resolution 4K UHD 3840×2160 pixels

Corporate Interactive Flat Panel Display | RP8601K

The Ultimate Partner for Effective Meetings
BenQ Interactive Flat Panels are designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of the meeting room and help businesses develop and maintain an environment where ideas flow freely. Featuring integrated cloud whiteboard capabilities that let employees quickly access their prepared materials, BenQ Interactive Flat Panels are perfect for enhancing meeting participation and fostering collaboration. With BenQ Interactive Flat Panels, your meetings will be more effective and efficient than ever before.

Flexible Anytime Annotation

Annotate and Collaborate Everywhere with the Cloud

Boasting powerful cloud features, EZWrite 5 streamlines discussions by letting employees share notes and ideas whether they are in the office, at home, or on a business trip. With BenQ’s exclusive AMS service, employees can save materials in the cloud and access them directly from the BenQ IFP, without need for a laptop or smart device.

Sticky Notes

Packed with user-friendly features, BenQ’s EZWrite 5 is the leading annotation solution for boosting collaboration and communication during meetings. With the EZWrite Cloud Whiteboard, employees can collect, categorize, edit, and share notes between the IFP and their mobile devices or laptops, ensuring they’ll have access to their important materials everywhere.

Instant Access to the Cloud

EZWrite 5 allows teachers to directly download and upload files to cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Exclusive to EZWrite 5, this convenient cloud access makes it easy for teachers to modify their materials and bring them everywhere.

Saving Files with EZWrite 5

Step1. Save your file
Step2. Choose your cloud storage

Loading Files with EZWrite 5

Step1. Download a file from your cloud storage
Step2. Open the file directly in EZWrite 5

Adjustable Screen Capture Regions and Easy Import

With EZWrite’s Floating Tool, users can capture screen shots of anything on screen, regardless of the source, including content from apps, websites, and videos. They can then import this content into EZWrite 5 for further discussion and annotation on a brand new page.

Step1. Press the Screen Shot button on the Floating Tool
Step2. Capture on-screen content directly on the IFP
Step3. Import to EZWrite 5 and make annotations

Dual Pens for Simultaneous Collaboration

with Different Colors

EZWrite 5 comes with dual pens that allow two users to write or draw simultaneously with different colors, making it ideal for multiple presenters.

Brush Mode

EZWrite 5 is ideal for inspiring great ideas in the meeting room. Using Brush Mode feels just like writing and drawing with actual pens and brushes. It can boost the flow of ideas and let your employees maximize their potential.

Floating Tool

EZWrite’s built-in Floating Tool empowers employees to write on top of any app, video, website, document, or image. Whether using Windows, Mac, Chrome, or Android™, users can take notes on top of any on-screen content and save them for later use. Screen capture lets users capture all of the screen or just a part that they select with their fingers. The Floating Tool also offers a smooth writing experience when used with HDMI, VGA, DP, and other signal sources, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Intelligent Handwriting Recognition

EZWrite’s handwriting recognition feature allows users to instantly convert written text, numbers, forms, and drawings into easily legible digital text without having to switch modes.

Tap and Create

Users can open EZWrite 5 with a simple tap of the IFP’s NFC sensor and immediately begin creating notes. Meanwhile, the palm eraser function makes it easy to erase unwanted content. With these efficient note-taking capabilities, capturing the meeting room’s attention and keeping employees engaged has never been easier.

Foster a Powerful Collaborative Environment

When it comes to effective collaboration, health matters. BenQ IFP ensures businesses can embrace innovation without compromising employee health thanks to smart features that monitor air quality, protect eye health, and reduce the transmission of germs.

Air-Quality Sensor

Poor indoor air quality can decrease efficiency and reduce alertness. BenQ Interactive Flat Panels incorporate an air-quality sensor that monitors CO2 levels and reminds users to adopt measures that can keep CO2 concentrations in check. This handy feature can boost employee focus and ensure that meetings are always efficient and impactful.

Smart Eye-Care Solution

BenQ’s Smart Eye-Care Solution uses the Interactive Flat Panel’s embedded motion sensor to automatically adjust display settings according to the user’s distance from the screen. For a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, BenQ IFPs can automatically activate Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light features as necessary.

Germ-Resistant Screen

The Germ-Resistant Screen employs a multilayer coating of non-toxic, long-lasting nanoionic silver agent that kills most germs on contact. This inhibits germs from accumulating on the screen and prevents the spread of germs. Furthermore, the ionic silver’s antimicrobial feature remains effective even after thorough cleaning or long periods of use.

* TUV Test Confirmed
TUV is the world’s leading inspection and verification company, providing internationally approved testing services to verify product quality and performance. Placing our trust in TUV’s best-in-class facilities and world-recognized integrity, we had their experts carefully evaluate the screen’s antimicrobial efficacy. The results of JIS Z 2801:2010 testing show that BenQ’s Germ-Resistant Screen can effectively restrain the growth of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. To maintain antimicrobial efficacy, please frequently wipe your touch screen with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth moisturized with a neutral detergent.
Click for the TUV Test Report

Facilitate Efficient Communication with Friendly Design

Start Meetings Quickly with BenQ Launcher

To streamline collaborative flow, BenQ Interactive Flat Panels make it easy for users to launch meetings without delay. Created to aggregate all key tools in one hub, BenQ Launcher allows employees to access video input sources or use the EZWrite whiteboard without having to log into their accounts. Users can also use the Sticky Notes feature to post announcements on the display. Additionally, BenQ Launcher comes with a task switcher, letting users switch between recent apps and input signal sources with just a simple touch.

Account Management System

for Personalized Workspace

BenQ's IFPs support multi-account management through NFC technology, which allows users to directly access and manage their personal system settings, network drives and cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Users simply can scan BenQ-designed NFC cards and their personal content is ready to access.

Wireless Solution for Seamless Collaboration

InstaShare is the software designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration that allows smooth streaming of both audio files and Full HD videos. Users can also mirror and control all digital content across the devices including BenQ IFPs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones, empowering contributors to enrich their sessions with a variety of multimedia resources.

Hands-Free Control over the IFP with Voice Assistant

The BenQ Interactive Flat Panel offers an extra level of flexibility for device control through Voice Assistant. Voice Assistant lets users control the flow of meetings by allowing them to start timers or search the internet from anywhere in the room. Users can easily control the IFP via remote control, further ensuring efficient meetings and effortless collaboration.
*This feature will be ready by the end of Q2, 2019.

Twice the Touch Resolution

BenQ’s latest IFPs offer a fine-tuned handwriting experience with advanced IR touch technology that reduces the gap between the touch point and the point displayed on the screen. Additionally, the new series allows users to create more natural handwriting thanks to a new touch frame that recognizes a smaller radius. To avoid accidentally creating cursive handwriting, the new series reduces the pre-touch distance to offer improved touch and writing experiences.

Reduces the gap between the touch point and the point displayed on screen.
Creates more natural handwriting with a new touch frame that recognizes a smaller radius.
Reduces the pre-touch distance to offer better touch and writing experiences.

Maximize Flexibility with Open Sharing

Multiple Display Application for Increased Teaching Efficiency

BenQ Interactive Flat Panels support dual display applications via HDMI out,
allowing users to share materials on multiple screens and boost employee

Multi-Platform Compatibility

BenQ Interactive Flat Panels can work seamlessly with a wide range of computing and mobile devices. Most major operating systems, including Windows, OSX, Linux and Chrome, are supported via the IFP’s plug-and-play feature.

Recommended Apps from BenQ Suggests

BenQ, in partnership with Teamviewer and Blizz, has incorporated several recommended Android™ apps for Interactive Flat Panels into BenQ Suggests. These apps further expand the IFP’s potential by simplifying app downloads and updates.

Hassle-Free Display Management

With cloud features, BenQ DMS combined Device Info and Management, Apps Management and OTA (Over-the-Air) Update to provide you an ultimate device management solution for your productivity.

Device Info and Management

Remotely control your displays with DMS Cloud via Internet. It’s an effective way to lower TCO and energy consumption for your operation.

Apps Management

Install Android™ apps for a selection of displays through our cloud server. DMS Cloud is designed to save you the hassles of repetitive manual installation work.

OTA (Over-the-Air) Update

Upgrade the latest BenQ firmware for your displays through our OTA Update support and keep them running smoothly at all times.

More Features


DMS Local

DMS Local is a Device Info and Management software based on windows OS. For users who would like to control your displays remotely via LAN, you can download DMS Local software for your operation.

MDA (Multiple Display Administrator)

For users who would like to control your displays remotely via RS232, you can download MDA software for your operation.

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