EntryPass EP S3100 Door Access Control


EntryPass Door Access Control have 2 type of communication both serial or active network. Both varies from integrated controllers with built-in readers to advanced 4 readers control panel and even hybrid input/output control panels to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Firmware upgrade via server
Reader Output Control
AC Fail Monitoring
Battery Monitoring
Support 3,000 Users And 10,000 Event MemorySupport Single / 2-In doors
Support Car Park Mode
Compatible with various reader technologies
RS-485 / RS-232 communication ports
Configurable Digital / Supervised inputs (4)
Quick terminal plug-in connectors

MCU 32bits @ 60MHz
Memory 256K Flash Memory
32K SRAM (Buffer)
32Mbits Non-Volatile SPI Flash Memory (Storage)
Card holder 3,000
Event Transaction 10,000
Digital/Supervise Inputs Max. 4, User configurable
(Door Sensor/Request-To-Exit/Fire Input/General Purpose)
Digital Output Max. 2 Dry contact Relay
Onboard Real Time Clock Yes
Serial Communication Port RS232/RS485 User Configurable
Power Protection Resettable Fuse – 2.5A
Surge Protection TVS – Up to 15KVA
Onboard LED Control Power / Communication / Event / Error
Onboard Buzzer 1
AC Fail Monitoring Yes
Battery Monitoring Yes (Firmware threshold control to shutdown control panel)
External Short Circuit Protection At readers
Backup Battery Yes, Apply to RTC only

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