FALCO Controller for Turnstile


Key Benefits:

• Create and assign visitor cards instantly on demand.

• Keep track of visitor locations, areas visited, visitor population in a secure area, etc

• Restrict Access to sensitive areas based on security areas, floors or even particular doors.

• Temporary cards expire automatically within a specified time so they cannot be reused later.

• Old temporary cards can be easily recycled and reassigned.

• Analysis of visitor movement can identify popular routes and visitor destinations.

FALCO IP Turnstile Access Controller

Receive alert message regarding security breaches on your security system, such as unauthorized intrusions or device tampering, as well as a map of the immediate vicinity of the alert highlighting the location(s) of the occurrences directly on your computer screen in real time as they occur. This helps you response time and assists you in organizing and implementing a response such as contacting the police or deploying security personnel to the scene.


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