Horion OPS computer Jakarta


Horion OPS computer Jakarta

The high-performance Horion OPS computer comes with the low power consumption 7th generation Core i5 processor, 64bit. It is faster and can produce amazing graphics or run large complex software. Applicable to super interactive flat panel and other products. Exclusive for Horion super interactive flat panel. Strong performance and high stability. About OPS- Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) is a computing module plug-in format available for adding the computing capability to flat panel displays. Horion OPS computer allows for more cost-effective design, deployment, and management of display solutions or interactivity and others that support advanced functionality and emerging use cases, including digital signage and anonymous audience analytics.

The Horion OPS computer Dubai is an OPS industrial-grade computer applications. The high-performance Horion OPS computer comes with the low power consumption 7th generation Core i5 processor.Horion OPS computer is faster and produces amazing graphics. Applicable to super interactive flat bane, and other products. Exclusive for Horion super interactive flat panel Strong performance and high stability The Horion OPS computer industrial-grade computer works on the Horion super Interactive flat panel system and is widely used in business, education, finance, government, enterprises, and more to deliver more efficient, more reliable, and more secure conference solutions.

The Powerful chip of the Horion OPS computer Support Intel 6th/7th generation Intel i5 processor, more powerful, lower power consumption, stable, and save money, troubles, and energy. This Horion OPS computer an Easy to install and disassemble Mini-host based on Intel OPS standard x86 architecture; can work as a standard WINDOWS computer if combined with an OPS industry-standard display; easy to install, remove and upgrade; less connection wires; take less space, and reduce maintenance costs.

Horion OPS computer Features :

  • 7th generation Core iS/4g RAM/1286 550
    Intel Core i5 with 7th generation CPU. support energy samngIechnology. 6-1 – bit computing. Intel display core integrated. Support Windows10 Linux system IWInl needs to bc-activated. genuineWinlU has been activated]. can run complex large software.
  • Powerful, one-button reset,
    Small as a book. easy to install, plug, and play. applicable to all Hcrion Interactive flat panels. electronic whiteboards. digital ads player.Cntrl + F3 to back up and Cntrl+ F4 to reset
  • Plug and play design saves money and trouble
    The plug and play design make it easy to install, remove, upgrade, and deploy. It requires less wire connections, cuts electricity bills and maintenance costs for users, and saves costs related to after-sales service and R&D. Also, it eases the upgrade and maintenance work.
  • High integration and fine workmanship
    Equipped with high-quality electronic components and chips; adopt the industrial-grade computer architecture to ensure durability & stability; rigorously tested to endure frequent use and long-term playback.
  • Four USB3.0 high~speed interfaces

    Four USB3.0 interfaces to transfer large? less at up to S.O Gbps (640MB/s), 9 times faster than the USBZ.O interface.

Horion OPS computer Hardware support :

  • Intel 7th generation lntelo Skylake-S/Kabylake-s LGA1151 CPU
  • Intel standard interface OPS-C+, compatible with OPS-C
  • Support HDMI2.0, max 4K@60Hz video
  • Support MSATA system disk, fast startup, one-button reset to enhance the user’s experience
  • Silent double-roller copper fin Thermal Module with smart fan feature
  • Support 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and 1 HDMI port
  • Single/dual-antenna 802.11 a/b/g/n 3T3R MIMO Wi-Fi high speed wireless data transmission

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