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Fixed LED displays are used for commercial advertising, they are sometimes called digital billboard or digital message signs. LED display has been very popular now in the advertising field, you can see them in streets, along roadsides, even anywhere you desire to show your ads.

High Contrast

Display uniform color, high contrast, true picture.

Two Maintenance Modes

Front maintenance and post maintenance. Maintenance is fast and convenient.

Soft Picture Quality

Soft picture quality, no fatigue for a long time.

High Refresh Rate

1920HZ ultra-high refresh rate, consistent picture, smooth and natural.

16bit Grayscale Processing

16bit grayscale processing, the color is more natural and more natural.

Extra Wide Viewing Angle

No seams, extra wide viewing angle, uniform brightness and colorlessness.

Heat dissipation

Built-in cooling fan for outstanding heat dissipation.

Variety Of Installation Methods

Supports a variety of installation methods such as landing, wall hanging, and in-wall.

Completely Front Maintenance

Cabinets and modules are separated packed, first install cabinets and then install modules.
Smart adjust: unique alignment features ensure the video wall is perfect aligned and seamless, the flatness tolerance of screen is ≤ 0.1mm.
1.The magnet edge-on the front.
2.Magnet is appressed in the middle of module.
3.Pulling the magnet slowly, module will be apart from cabinet.
4.The same way to put the module back to the cabinet.

Power Supply & Signal Back up

Redundant power supply design, dual signal inputs, auto matically detecting the failure then switch, ensure the whole system’s stability and reliability.

Low Brightness With High Gray Scale

BRWall LED display use high quality LED Lamps and PWM drive IC, goes with Lamp Video’s patented mask and special images arithmetic processing that makes a better color rendering, color revivification and more details even in low brightness mode. Excellent gray scale performance even in low-brightness of 100 cd/㎡.
Normal LED display Low gray scale poor performance.
BRWall LED display low brightness, high gray scale.
960Hz (Shutter Speed 2000)
3840Hz (Shutter Speed 2000)

Professional Image With High Refresh Rate

Up to 3840Hz high refresh rate keeps it high quality display performance even under professional camera, no water waves or screen flashing, totally meet the live show requirements.

Nanosecond Level Response Time

LED response shortly in nanosecond level without smearing or double image effect.
BRWall video LED Display
TWM series enjoy a long product life (100,000 hours, 8-10years), 
attributed to its advanced experience in manufacturing and processing management, 
rich design experience in drive circuit.


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