Digital Signage Hand Sanitizer

  Model No.:DSD2150AF-UVC 

1. Support Auto On&Off 2. Support wifi, RJ45; 3. Capacitive touch screen; 4. Support independent development of APP; 5. With remote content management software, updating contents remotely. 6. The product comes with infrared sensor, which can automatically sense; 7. Equipped with a mechanical lock with anti-theft function; 8. Product installation is simple and firm; 9. Ultraviolet sterilization is a pure physical disinfection method, which has the advantages of simple and convenient, broad-spectrum and high-efficiency, no secondary pollution, easy management and automation. 10. Matters needing attention:   Ultraviolet rays can cause great damage to the human skin. Do not expose it to UVC lamps for a long time, let alone look directly at the lamp tube with your eyes. Specification
LCD Screen Size 


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