ISEMC Interactive Smart Board T86Omni-C




InteractiveSmart Board

Omnidirectional performance are only for efficient meeting management and brainstorming, you deserve it . ---OmniPAD



Big: 88% Screen Proportion,86inch big screen

Beauty: Fashion flat design, Ultra-thin fuselage, Ultra narrow border,

Mohs 7 explosion-proof glass

Gorgeous: 4K@60HzHD, Wisdom Blu-ray, anti-glare technology


Arbitrary smooth writing

Capacitive + electromagnetic dual-touch technology, zoom in/out, drag and drop arbitrary, gesture erasure, summary notes, write freely etc. Scan code sharing, email sending , real time save.

15ms fast response, +/-0.5mmTouch accuracy, up to 20 touch points.


Timely save, share

Local save, Email sending, Scan code sharing, Resource sharing , save and sending freely.

Timely save, share

Local save, Email sending, Scan code sharing,


Wireless multi-screen interaction with the display.

Computer, smart phone, tablet and other content one-click screen, multi-screen switching, wireless sharing of unlimited content in wireless state.

Bidirectional control, Flexible interaction Transmit screen by seconds, stable and smooth.


Remote conference, be personally on the scene.

Built-in dual 3D stereo camera, support for external omnidirectional microphone, compatible with a variety of remote conferencing systems, management decisions anytime, anywhere.

Start a meeting with one click, and easily participate in the meeting through terminals such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

High quality audio, TNR-2 noise reduction technology to create a professional conference experience.

Remote desktop sharing, writing synchronization, assistant team innovation.


Dual system function, one button to switch.

The default Android system interface, through the optional OPS computer or HDMI external computer, running Windows system, one-click switching. Multiple size for optional: 65",75",86",98"

The OmniPAD interactive smart board also provides customers with cloud storage services and multi-layer data sharing. Enterprise management software can help enterprises of conference services and daily management services. Face recognition technology, which can identify the information of participants, manage and share the management of participants. Intelligent centralized control system can realize multiple conference boards, conference tablet and printer, projector, High speed image camera, attendance machine, illuminated LOGO wall, lighting system, electric door or access control system, electric curtain, video processing system and audio processing such as the intelligent control of multiple platforms, the interconnection between multiple physical connection terminals creates intelligent, multi-functional, and intelligent office. Windows system Android system.



Conference Version:
Android 8.0
Android whiteboard software
Built-in speaker
Wireless Conference Share System
Airplay kit
OPS Computer (i7/4G/128G)
Windows 10 License
Video Conference Module
Video Conference System
1 License 350 USD/year
10 Licenses 2560 USD/year


Standalone Bracket(86 -98 inch)


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