Falco Control Door 2 DR / CF16M/IP ( 2.0A ) – PCB


Falco Control Door 2 DR

Falco Control Door CF16M/IP ( 2.0A ) – PCB

Smart Architecture

• Effective Infrastructure  Leverage on the usage of existing network infrastructure, hence saving your cost
• Adaptive Network Bandwidth High bandwidth with high speed polling transmits data easily, enabling real-time transaction to the users.

Active Environment

• Client To Server Environment Communication between the Server with FALCO controllers happens whenever an events is active on the controller.
• Peer to Peer Communication Communicate between one with another controller without the need of the database server as the facilitator. 

Advanced Technology

• Speedy Transmission Pattern algorithms are employed to search card database under 1 second for up to 150k users.
• Secure Technology
– Falco uses its own proprietary protocol that cannot be obtained from anyone else
– Integrated power supply module ensures stable operation despite electricity cut-off
– Door controllers and the relays are placed in secure locations for the better security                                                        
• Larger Storage Unbeatable technology enables Falco controller to support up to 150k users & 80k events memory.

Feature Highlight

• Support up to 32 zones alarm input with plug-on 4x 8 input modules and additional 64 output point with plug-on 8x 8output modules.
• Support up to 150k users & 80k events
• Support upgrade firmware through IE Web
• Native IP with Peer to Peer communication
• High speed data polling to Server
• Compatible with various reader technologies
• Interlocking
• Built-in web server
• AES- 128 encryption

Spesification for Falco Control Door CF16M/IP ( 2.0A ) – PCB

 Processing Unit  Freescale CF microcontroller 32 bits @ 60mHz
 Memory  512 kb EEPROM & 16 Mb FLASH
 Battery Charger  12 VDC / 7AH (Onboard battery backup charger)
 Power  14.5 VAC @ 12 VDC (Onboard power supply module)
 Transaction Event  20000
 Digital Input/Output  Input : 8- Expandable to 32, Output: 8- Expandable to
 Trigger Mode  Open trigger/ Short trigger
 Function Mode  Toggle mode/ Alarm mode
 Reader Technology  Standard Wiegand format (26 bit -64 bit)
 User / History  Standard 70k users, 40k events, upgradable to 150k
 Comunication  RJ45 Ethernet / 10/100 Base-T ( Max 100m / 328ft.)
 Network Protocol  TCP/IP, ARP, DHCP
 Input Fungtionality  Fire in/ exit push button / door contact/ tamper
 Controller  Support 2 destination IP address
Dimension / Weight  137 (L) x 117 (W) x 15.5 (T) mm / 25 g

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