First screen: Flip S/W(whiteboarding app), Apps : Document viewer, Smartview+, Video player, Web browser, workspace, (RDP/VNC, Office365, VMWare), Edu tool, WebRTC : Yes, Upgradable web engine : Yes, Smartview+ : Yes, Airplay : Ready



  • Passive Pen
  • Devices that can be connected to HDMI, USB, USB Type-C, DP, LAN Port, and Wireless mirroring terminals supported by Flip Pro
    Versatile connectivity

Unlimited learning possibilities. With Pro.

As digitalization of education accelerates to enable impactful, interactive collaboration, Flip Pro gives educators the tools needed to deliver a new, advanced level of learning. With versatile connectivity, intelligent software and intuitive features, Flip Pro introduces the future of education.

The teaching materials are displayed on the vertical Flip Pro installed in the classroom, and the class proceeds.

Better interaction with best-in-class multi-touch

Fast & multi-touch

Flip Pro delivers industry-best latency at just 26ms, with prediction logic applied to ensure a realistic, smooth drawing experience with 2,048 point of thickness built directly into the display to unlock creativity. Plus, Flip Pro enables multi-touch for up to 20 people for enhanced interactivity.

A curve is drawn with a pen on the display installed on the IC chip. At the top, 26ms Latency, 2048 Sensing Level, and 20 Multi-touch are written.

* When using single touch.

Bring ideas to life in an instant

Intuitive writing & drawing

Ideas are brought to life instantly on Flip Pro with pen and brush mode that provides a real-world writing experience, while flexible erasing requires just a swipe of your finger or palm. The quick tool and palette menu ensure creativity flows and toggle button easily enables a new note layer UI.

Drawings made using the Pen & brush mode, Flexible erasing, Quick tool & Palette menu, and Easy Note layer available in Flip Pro

Stay connected from any source

Versatile connectivity

Flip Pro provides multiple connectivity options, including USB, HDMI and DP. Educators can easily connect any device to access content and display information on a larger screen, as well as connect to any network and other devices through LAN port and wireless screen-mirroring.

Devices that can be connected to HDMI, USB, USB Type-C, DP, LAN Port, and Wireless mirroring terminals supported by Flip Pro

* Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

One single port for three functions

3-in-1 USB-C port

Connectivity is enhanced with 3-in-1 USB-C connectivity, enabling screen mirroring, touch control and external device charging(max. 15W). Educators can simply connect to the USB Type-C port, allowing them to deliver interactive and engaging lessons without any hassle.

Conventional* products had to connect USB for touch control, HDMI for screen connection, and Power for charging to the laptop to display the screen, but the Flip Pro can be all-in-one through the USB Type-C port.

* When compared to previous Flip models.

Share with AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2

Flip Pro is integrated with AirPlay 2, allowing educators and students to present on the big screen, increasing visibility and engagement in larger spaces. Creating a wireless dual display setup ensures no student misses out on important information for more collaborative interactions.

* Images & on-screen contents are simulated and for illustration purpose only.

The same screen displayed on the iPhone is displayed on the Flip Pro wirelessly. At the top, it says Works with Apple AirPlay.

Smart, wireless sharing from multiple from devices


With SmartView+, up to 50 devices can be simultaneously connected to the interactive display wirelessly, in addition to enabling multi-view on up to four screens. This cable-less screen sharing functionality is ideal for larger meeting rooms as well as digitized classrooms.

The screens displayed on four devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, are simultaneously displayed on the Flip Pro. At the top, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 screens each screen display method is explained with an icon.

* Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Access whatever you need, from anywhere


With Workspace secured by Knox, Flip Pro enables users to easily access remote PC, network drive and other third-party applications such as Office 365, VMWare, Boxlight MimioConnect*. This ensures efficiency from any location and an uninterrupted workflow for educators and students.

Microsoft Office 365, VMWare Horizon, Boxlight MimioConnect, and Google Duo apps are installed on Flip Pro with Secure by Knox protection.

* Available apps may vary by region and require service subscription.

Optimize lesson planning with embedded learning solution

Boxlight MimioConnect*

Flip Pro offers the MimioConnect app, an online blended learning platform, providing an extensive catalog of versatile learning content available via Workspace. Samsung’s partnership with leading US education solutions delivers innovative education software directly.

Conducting remote classes with the MimioConnect, in association with BOXLIGHT app, which supports efficient enablement, Active learning and collaboration, Real-time data and analytics, and Documentation functions.

* Requires Boxlight registration and subscription to use this service and the service availability varies by region.
* Images & on-screen contents are simulated and for illustration purpose only.

Collaborate with ease over video conferencing

Video call applications

Simple, seamless video conferencing is supported on Flip Pro based on the WebRTC (Real Time Communication) API, without the need for additional solution compatibility. Apps such as Google Duo* will be available to users with just a touch for easy, efficient collaboration.

By installing a camera on top of the Flip Pro, students at home and in the classroom are participating in class together.

* Google Duo compatibility available from Q2.
** Images & on-screen contents are simulated and for illustration purpose only.
*** Webcam is sold separately.
**** Supported webcam(9 models) : Logitech C930e, C922, C922x, C925E, C920s, C920, C920-C, C930C, Logitech Stream Cam

Keep informed with remote management solution

Remote content push

Using Samsung’s MagicINFO Remote Management solution, Flip Pro offers new functionality that pushes content, alerts and warnings from the school information system to the display, notifying teachers and students of important updates which can be pushed directly to Flip displays in every classroom.

The School information system* is simultaneously displaying the Importance notice on Flip Pro installed in different classrooms through Magicinfo remote management.

* Requires MagicINFO license to use this service and SIS(School Information Service) should be separately built and integrated with MagicINFO.

Carefully designed for various use

Slim stand

Flip Pro 55” offers increased working space in front of the display and convenient ways to position and store. Its enhanced, hinge assembly structure enables easy setup and efficient stocking.

Zoom in on the lower part of the Flip Pro stand and the wheels.

Clean screen and minimized damage risk

Protective screen technology

Samsung Flip Pro delivers peace of mind with a built-in Antimicrobial Coating which inhibits microbial growth. Plus, the Flip’s display is wrapped in a proprietary shatterproof film, ensuring the screen stays intact in the event of a break.

The first is the UL Validated certification logo - Film SAB-F120AD resisted microbial degradation as tested by JIS Z 2801 and meets the requirements of UL 2282 -  and bacteria are not entering the Flip Pro. The second compares the glass fragments of Flip Pro with Shatterproof film and the scattered fragments of Others products.

* To perform its antibacterial function, this product has been treated with the biocidal substance Silver phosphate glass.
** Antibacterial property does not protect users against bacteria and provides no protection against viruses including Covid-19.
*** Antimicrobial Coating is on surface of screen only and the effect may vary depending on conditions of use.
**** Antibacterial certification: UL2282 which is granted when the antibacterial effectiveness is more than 99%. (Test method(JIS Z 2801): after inoculation of 0.4cc of liquid with bacteria(Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) on specimen(5cm x 5cm), a sterilized film(4cm x 4cm) is adhered and left in a thermo-hygrostat with a relative humidity of 90% or more at 35°C for 24 hours, and then the efficiency of killing of the bacteria is measured / Test agency: KOTITI Testing & Research Institute)


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